Resin Bonded Paving System


Resin bonded paving system is a flexible, two part, solvent free polyurethane hybrid resin system which, when used in conjunction with selected aggregates, provides a complete surfacing system. A variety of colours, shades and textures are achievable.

Sometimes referred to as scatter coating  “broadcast” or “coat” systems

Areas of possible use

Suitable for domestic or commercial installation’s

Driveways / Paths / Patio’s / Roads / Parks, gardens and leisure area’s / Urban landscaping / Pedestrianisation schemes / Cycleways & Carparks. 

This system is suitable for solid even and crack-free asphalt and concrete substrates.

Works very well with the existing environment.

Easily cleaned.

Highly durable.

Solvent free.

Flexible, even at low temperatures.

Bonds very strongly.

Large choice of aggregates available to choose from.


Resin Bound Paving System


Resin bound paving system is a flexible two-component polyurethane resin bound formulation for external and internal use. 

Area’s of possible use

Suitable for domestic or commercial installation’s.

Driveways / Patio’s / Paths / Parking area’s / Estate roads / Footpaths / Playgrounds / Swimming pool surrounds / Disabled Access ramps / Roof terraces / Balconies / Tree pits. 

Suitable for use over substrates such as asphalt or concrete.

Our resin bound paving system is SUDS (Surface Urban Drainage System) compliant.

Aesthetically pleasing

Restricts growth of weeds


Solvent Free

Odour free during and after installation

No loose stones

Non slip, and anti skid aggregates available

Internal or external use

Standard and UV resistant versions

Highly durable 

Large choice of aggregates available to choose from

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